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Gabi Profile by Makini90 Gabi Profile by Makini90
Illustrator CS6: Pen Tool, Gradient Tool, Elipse Tool, Feather Tool, 

Real Name: Gabriella Stratos
Age: 23 
Height: "5'10" 
Weight: 128lbs 
Hair Color: Black 
Eye Color: Green 
Nationality: Italian 
Personality: Cheerful, Outgoing, Hyper, Energetic, Courageous 

Fighting Style: Capoeira 
Build: Slim with a bit of tone. 
Fighting Skills: Smooth, and Rhythmic moves combined with strikes from various styles to help round the offense and utilizing her moves as an evasive defense, but she has to balance the amount of energy that she puts into her moves. 
Underground Fight Record: 4-7

Gabriella was born in Latina, Laizo Italy, but spent most of her life in North Bay’s Little Italy neighborhood. Growing up, Gabriella’s parents would always take her to this park just a few blocks down from her home to go play with the other kids. Her love of Capoeira came from one Saturday when she was 9 and she followed a group of kids out of their parents sight and stumbled upon a group of people practicing capoeira. From first sight she was fascinated with how flashy the moves were. So much so that she would try it herself at home, breaking a lot furniture and hurting herself a little bit. One weekend at the same park, she jumped into the capoeira group and tried to copy the moves that they were doing. She was seen as a natural, following the rhythm to make up for her flexibility.

Gabriella was lucky enough to find a capoeira school, although it was located on the other side of town. It was a chore traveling to and from the capoeira school, but she was committed to studying the martial art from elementary to middle school. There was a point where she didn’t go as much, but she kept the rhythm going through high school. One weekend, Gabriella’s school was putting on a demonstration at North Bay’s Centurion Square A widely known shopping district in the city. This attraction gained a lot of attention with Gabriella a decade into her study in capoeira demonstrating really flashy and  almost acrobatic moves. There was a moment where she would ask someone out of the audience to try to play a game of Simon Says. The first volunteer was little girl and after her was a girl about her age named May. That game got intense where May was able to mimic Gabi’s moves point for point. She was amazed by this.

Gabriella was always intrigued on what the human body could do. Throughout the years, she would take an interest in watching people demonstrate martial arts and studying up on the human body. She felt that the moment she had with May made her more dedicated with studying capoeira. In fact she ran into her and her friend Neneko sparring one afternoon and she sat there and watched the two different styles clashing with one another. Gabriella introduced herself and the three became friends and sparring partners after that.

May and Neneko let Gabriella on what they’ve been practicing for the past week About. There was an event going on one night at May thought that it would be the perfect place for Gabriella to show off her skills. She was reluctant to go, but two days later, one of her friends who studies Capoeira with her, Jade, tells her about this poster that she found and that she’s interested in going. Gabriella warns her about this and decides to company her just in case. The event turned out to be a night of Underground sanctioned fights to showcase new, up and coming fighters. Gabi felt really uncomfortable watching these fights, and wanted to leave. Her friend stepped in to fight and Gabriella pulled her back. Jade, May, and Neneko talked Gabriella into fighting pushing her out into the middle of the ring. Gabi refused fight so her opponent started throwing at her and she used her Capoeira as a defensive maneuver. She started throwing flashy kicks that fifty percent of the time connected. The fight ended with her opponent on the ground after a flying drop kick. She felt sort of a rush after and a few days later, she registered herself as an underground competitor, but had to alter her fighting style since she feels that relying on Capoeira wasn’t gonna guarantee winning the fight.

I went through about five different sketches with similar poses before I ended up with this one. The background is pretty simple with a gradient and a white outline of her dropped to a low opacity. I hope that in the future I'll do more poses of Gabriella that are much more Capoeira-Like. 

Underground Female Brawlers…

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Any form of available feedback and critique is greatly appreciated. 
Enjoy everyone. :)
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