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Don't be afraid to stop by my gallery. Favorites and feedback are greatly appreciated. ^^

Random Favourites

Azure Lips Model Directory

A special pinup project consisting of 15 OC's that have signed to Desiray's Studio, Azure Lips Photography. Enjoy and check out the link below for more! ^^

DA Gallery:…

Official Page:…

*New Noel Sketch
*New Tina Sketch
*2 New Minerva Sketches
*New Senal Sketch
*2 New Donna Sketches
*New Kamille Sketch
*New Kamille Illustration

Desiray In A Black Dress by Makini90 Christmas Gift From The Seductive Angel by Makini90 Just Wanna Chill With You by Makini90 Late Summer Tropical Photoshoot by Makini90 Wanna Play? (Thank You Google+) by Makini90 Rave's Azure Lips Debut by Makini90 Desert White Dress by Makini90 Can I Convince You To Stay One More Night? by Makini90

Art Deco Posters

My gallery of 1920's - 1930's Art Deco Posters To see the full gallery click on the gallery or DA Page below. Enjoy ^^

Blog Gallery:…
DA Gallery:

Miles In The Art Deco Sky by Makini90 Feel Like a Racer by Makini90 The Grand Prix of Porta Valara by Makini90 Centaurion Chiron by Makini90 Royale 1000km by Makini90 Archania by Makini90

My Five Girls

A Gallery of my 5 Original Characters, Saya, Milan, Desiray, Senal, & Kamille. Enjoy and Click below for more! ^^…

Saiyamo "Saya" Midoka:
Saya A Maiden In The Moonlight by Makini90 Saya's Been Boxing by Makini90

Milan Navera:
Milan's Morning Warmup by Makini90 Just Can't Hold It In by Makini90

Desiray By The Pool by Makini90 Naked Red Hoodie by Makini90

Senal Sanelia:
Senal as Supergirl by Makini90 Did You Sleep Well Last Night? by Makini90

Kamille Makinson:
Pink Sweater by Makini90 Do You Like My Pink Sweater? by Makini90

Warmup Sketches

A gallery of short, thirty minute to an hour and a half vector sketches. Click below for more and to see the entire gallery check out the blog. ^^…
Blog Page:…

Finding Chocolate In The Forest Birthday Sketch by Makini90 Happy Halloween 2014 Sketch by Makini90 Enjoying The Moment (Thanks for 300 Watchers) by Makini90 Waterbender Saya Warm-Up Sketch by Makini90
Daily Warm-Up Sketches Week 1 by Makini90 My Night With Pyrelia Warmup Sketch by Makini90


Makini90's Profile Picture

Artist | Design & Interfaces
United States
My name is Makini90, but you can also call me Maki for short lol. I am a Graphic Designer/Illustrator. This page is where I showcase my love and passion for drawing and vector illustration as well as what inspires me and what pushes me to reach higher in not only my work, but in myself. I'm making a jump to a more fully realized cartoon style with all of my artwork nowadays. I hope my work achieves in inspiring others in the same way that I am inspired.

Please take the time to check out my gallery of work. Feedback and Critiques are always welcome here.

You can also follow me on...…

Hope you will enjoy the work that I'll put out in the future. ^^

Back again for Week 2 :3

And this time, I tried to double the amount. It's 10 new peices added to page including the Kamille illustration that I did earlier this week. Safe to say, This week went to Kamille, Donna, and Minerva. Minerva sporting a new hairstyle for 2015 especially. Anyway, check it out guys and I hope that you enjoy. :)

*Oh I forgot to mention that the March Calendar is coming next week. I will gather ideas this weekend. ^^

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From Jessicapelegio

Hello everyone, 

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We’ve had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.  

Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.

Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.

Thank you for your continued feedback.  

The Blogger Team

So I think it's safe to say As long as I stay consistent and keep that adult filter up on my blog I think I'm saved. :D

Once again we voice our opinion and it shines through, beating out their new policy ^^
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Hey guys this is the first week of the new series I'm doing as an incentive to keep wanting to do more work with this project. All of the updates will be on Saturday from now on. Even when I'm doing other work suck as Commissions and what not, If I can get at least more than 5 drawings up on the page every week then I'll be fine. And it's not limited to just sketches, I'll see if I can get a vector sketch and of course any new MD illustrations will be up there too after it's posted to DA, Google+ etc. 

Anyway hope you guys enjoy it. :D


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Hey guys. I got some news for you about the Model Directory.

First thing that I want to mention is that yes I am going to focus on the Model Directory for the next few pieces. Thanks for the votes on the recent poll that I posted up the other day and I will take those choices into consideration for this set of pinups. It's all gonna be solo, with single color bg's like what I've been doing so far with my fanart. I hope to get on that after I'm finished with the first two commissions and the March Calendar.

Speaking of which, The March Calendar is coming.
It's just that I didn't realize that next week is the last week of February and I need to do the commissions that I was received this week before I get to the calendar, so it's gonna be a little bit late. I was intentionally gonna do a pairing of two models, but instead I'm gonna do a solo calendar, most likely it's gonna be Kamille, Donna, Alanna, Jenna, or Tina. I'll pick this time. 

April will belong to :iconcrystal-venice: Willow...
Willow's Sweet Smile by Makini90 Willow's Waiting For You To Come Home by Makini90

And i'm thinking of Pairing Kamille with another character that I mentioned above for a later month so for May I'm thinking of putting Senal and Desiray together. I've always wanted to do a pairing pinup with both of my feline beauties :D
Did You Sleep Well Last Night? by Makini90 Naked Red Hoodie by Makini90

So I have an idea that I'm gonna start doing this weekend. Because I want to really get back into this series/project and doing the fanart really helped me get back into it, I'm gonna do a weekly routine where will update the Model Directory page on my blog every Saturday with new sketches and illustrations. Instead of updating every time a new sketch is made, I'll just take all of that weeks work and send it to the page at the end of each week. It gives me more of an incentive to keep doing more MD work and there will be more sketches and ideas added to the page that I think some of them will be potential candidates for really good illustrations. 

So there you have it. The March calendar is pushed back because of the commissions, but it is coming. Just hold on tight for a little while longer. And about the weekly updates, I will let you guys know every Saturday with either a journal entry or a poll. But in case I forget or something, check back to my MD page every Saturday. 

Anyway gotta continue working on my commissions and got an interview later on today. Wish me luck guys! :D

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Journal History

Drawing of The Day

Going back to the Model Directory for the next few pieces. Anyone that you want to see in particular? 

7 deviants said Desiray Desiray In A Black Dress by Makini90
3 deviants said Willow Willow's Waiting For You To Come Home by Makini90
2 deviants said Kali Kali In Bed (February Calendar) by Makini90
2 deviants said Noel Someone's Waiting For You In The Lobby by Makini90
2 deviants said Alanna There's a Wolf In The House by Makini90
2 deviants said Tina Desert White Dress by Makini90
2 deviants said Rave Rave's Azure Lips Debut by Makini90
2 deviants said Comments,…
1 deviant said Senal Christmas Gift From The Seductive Angel by Makini90
No deviants said Donna Banana Republic by Makini90





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